Place creative mentor

I am keen to discuss opportunities with anyone who has an interesting idea about place or a challenging site.

Let’s not talk about place-making: a place exists before we change it. Our job is to learn about its origins and sensitivities, so that we can nurture its potential and contribute to its eternal narrative.

I specialise in understanding the qualities that make places memorable and how to achieve those qualities. My approach draws on observation and analysis, informed by dialogue with those already familiar with the place and how people have related to it.

Architects, Engineers, Planners, developers and communities are all engaged in changing places, some physically, others such as Artists changing how we think and feel about places. I am most interested in the early stages of these interactions and can add value by advising on what the place itself can contribute to their projects.

I can help to write the brief, select design teams, conduct design reviews, facilitate community workshops and participate in creative sessions. In some cases I will advocate change where none has been envisaged and can open minds to unseen possibilities, especially in the urban public realm. I use photography extensively to record events, reveal insights and stimulate observation.

Always the most important thing is to talk, so contact me without obligation.


Telephone (landline): 01484 844684
Telephone (mobile): 07968 107270
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